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My first DJ job was at the age of 12 years old in a small hotel, now made in to flats, and I was DJ-ing for people older than me haha, now it around the other way, my dad was the DJ in the hotel next door, and we use to pass records (back in the day) over the fence half way through the night, Almost all my money I got paid went on music

That was some 25 years ago now and since then I have had a career in broadcasting – in local radio, DJ-ing at thousands of weddings and parties since that time including hosting at public events

Away from the mobile side of the business I’ve held DJ residencies at Holliers in Shanklin, Jolly Sailor, in Sandown and the in Bogeys Night club DJ-ing at the famous 80’s nights

My background in radio programming gives me a unique advantage as an event host and DJ for your day / evening

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