Let's answer some of your questions

Soundwaves Ents, is a professional business who will hopefully change your expectations of a wedding DJ. Our main two DJ’s come from a broadcast background and have worked in (at the time) some of the biggest venues across the Island

I also work closely with a selected few other DJ’s who have all worked in the industry as their full time jobs for a very long time and not as a part time DJ, and if I am already booked I will happily recommend one of them to you – their prices may slightly change compared with mine, but one of the most important things with us all is we’re all experienced enough to know that the music is THE most important thing at a party.

I’m asked this question a lot as there are a number of DJ’s out there, I guess the easy way to explain it is, if you want the games, like Mrs & Mrs (even the DJ’s own version) then I’m probably not the right person for you.

That’s not to say that I won’t play The YMCA or the row boat song if this is what you would like, that’s said I do understand that the above songs are not always right for every audience, this will become clear after our consultation about your musical preferences.

Yes I do supply the equipment again this is a question I’m asked a lot when people are looking to book a DJ. We have invested again this year in new smarter looking equipment, this takes up less space, equipment is PAT tested and Public Liability certificates upon request.

I have in place a plan B, C and D should there be any technical problems on the night so the show will always go on.

I have in the past 24 years as a DJ looked at loads of the new lighting on the market and again the lighting has been designed to complement the room and not dazzle your guests, like some DJ’s out there they seem to think the more lighting the better it is, more venues like me because of my quick set up and strip down time – that’s the disco!! I have been known to set before the venue have moved the tables and laid the dance floor – we offer dance floor hire to.

Absolutely Yes I do, I’m always happy to take requests on the day / night and even in advance this can be done on our booking form when, this ensures I play the music you want at your party.

All lot of my past and present clients have been very specific about what they do or don’t want (again this is on the booking form) – this is also fine, and others trust me to play what I know will work for the crowd in the room during my set.

I always point out to my clients that some nights can / will take a while to get going as more often than not there are fresh guests arriving who will want to talk to those who have been around all day and sometimes nothing you can play will change that after years in this line of work I understand that. Once the party gets started I usually keep it going right to the end.

After years in this trade I’m comfortable using a microphone, that said as years also go on and what people look for in a DJ has also changed.

People often ask to keep the announcing down to the first dance, last orders and taxi’s and to keep the flow of the music going as this is what the night is about – again this can be discussed when we meet face to face

This is the million pound question, and one I get asked a lot also that will depend entirely on what you want, understandable most people are looking for the best quote – sometime not always the cheapest but what they get for their money.

A ‘normal’ standard evening of music will be cheaper than having me for a full afternoon with music during a wedding breakfast and a radio microphone for the important speeches. I’m not the most expensive supplier around but I’m told I do represent excellent value for money.

Now are you thinking that none of the above actually answers your questions? Then please  drop me an email with more details and I will gladly provide you with a quote specific to your day

Paul has been booked to DJ for thousands of weddings and parties since that time including being the events host / presenter for events. Paul also held resident DJ at Holliers in Shanklin, Jolly Sailor, in Sandown and then in Bogeys Night club DJ-ing at the famous 80’s nights If you’re planning an event, Paul’s background in radio programming gives him a unique advantage as an event host for your public event with programming a fully produced event for your visitors, advertisers and sponsors

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